Chen Earon is a PhD student in the School of Philosophy, Linguistics and Science Studies at Tel Aviv University. His dissertation offers criticism of corporate social responsibility as a tool to poverty alleviation, based on the moral and economic philosophy of Adam Smith. Chen obtained his B.A from the integrative program on Philosophy, Economics and Political Science, The Hebrew University, and his M.A. (Cum Laude) from The Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas at Tel Aviv University. During 2013-2017 Chen was a fellow at the Minerva humanities center and a member of “Migrating Knowledge” research group directed by Prof. Rivka Feldhay. Chen is a long time High School mathematics and philosophy teacher.

Yam Maayan is a PhD Candidate in the School of Ecomonics at Tel Aviv University. Her subjects of interest are history of economic thought, methodology of economics and pedagogy of economics. Yam has a B.A in economics and philosophy (Cum Laude) and a M.A in economics (Cum Laude), both at Tel Aviv University. During her studies she took a major part in the process of rewriting the undergraduate introductory course in economics. she also co-teach a seminar about moral philosophy and welfare economics.


Mickey Peled is a PhD student in the School of Philosophy, Linguistics and Science Studies at Tel Aviv university. His research focus is on the cognitive aspect of monetary policy decisions by central bankers, especially the utilization of macroeconomic models.
Mickey got his M.A from the Cohn Institute at Tel Aviv University (Summa Cum Laude) with a thesis on the performativity of macroeconomic models. He got his B.A in philosophy and economics from the Hebrew University.

Asaf Sokolowski earned his PhD in Political Theory from the University of Edinburgh, and has published ‘Metaphysical problems, political solutions : self, state, and nation in Hobbes and Locke’ (Lexington, 2011).Asaf obtained his B.A in Political Science and Philosophy as well as his M.A (Magnum Cum Laude) in Philosophy from the University of Tel Aviv, and his MSc in Political Science from the University of Edinburgh. Asaf is a contributing member of the European Hobbes Society and is set to begin teaching at the Hebrew University.