We are a group of PhD students and young scholars in the schools of philosophy and economics from Tel-Aviv University, interested in the integration between the two.

We started our joint meetings in 2017 under a project of the Humanities Faculty called “Khavruta”, referring to a traditional form of study in the Jewish world where a small group meets regularly in order to mutually read, analyze and discuss a text.

In this blog we wish to share the reciprocal nature of the Khavruta to a wider audience of scholars who are interested in the philosophy of economics. The posts will deal with the subjects of our meetings, our dilemmas and questions and maybe sometimes an answer or two. In other posts, we will share a personal reading review or a lecture one of us gave and from time to time we will post about special events that can enlarge the scholarly interest in the philosophy of economics in Israel.

One of the benefits of the Khavruta is that it gives its participants the opportunity to deal with issues that are not necessarily part of their current research but are interesting and valuable for a comprehensive understanding of the philosophy of economics. This blog aims at a similar task for the philosophy of economics itself, meaning to expose to curious minds that might find themselves captivated by the same kind of thoughts and questions that we have.

We wish to thank the Lester and Sally Entin Faculty of Humanities at Tel-Aviv University and the School of Philosophy, Linguistics and Science Studies, for their valuable support and assistance for the Khavruta and this blog.

For comments, notes, thoughts and questions see the contact us section.

who are we?